2018 National Dance FoundationT-shirt
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Official 2018

National Dance Foundation T-shirt

Join the fun and give everyone

"A Chance To Dance"

National Dance Foundation

Celebrate with us

April 20-29, 2018

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  1. Purchase the National Dance Foundation (NDF) event t-shirt.  A portion of the purchase price will go towards providing educational scholarships for dance teachers to become certified Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructors.  In addition, a portion of the purchase price will be donated to the Wingman Program to provide qualified teachers with the Wingman Program guide, tools, and activities to empower their students to accept and include participants of all abilities!  Click here to order your NDF t-shirt!
  2. Show your support! Organize a “wear your NDF T-shirt to class” day/week.  Remind everyone that the funds raised by the purchase of the NDF T-shirt will go to great causes to promote dance for all across the nation!  Encourage your coworkers, family, friends, students, and community to do the same!

  3. Learn the Dance Mob routine! Organize and participate in NDF’s Dance Mob wearing your NDF T-shirt.  This year there will be 2 versions of the Dance Mob routine…an advanced version and an introductory version.  Both can be found here!  Here are a few ideas:

    • Have your dancers learn the Dance Mob introductory routine and enrich their community by teaching the routine to students at local special education schools, organizations, and non-public schools!  Be sure to get it on video to upload to the NDF website!

    • Perform your Dance Mob routine (wearing your NDF t-shirt) at local events, malls, preschools, assisted living centers, and sports games!  Be sure to get it on video to upload to the NDF website!

    • Get the whole family involved!  NDF is for everyone, not just trained dancers!  Teach the routine to your entire family and video your living room performance…wearing your NDF t-shirt of course!  Be sure to post these performances to the NDF website too!


  • Style: Unisex T-shirt
  • Color: Kelly
  • Print Colors: White ink
  • Item #: DM

2018 National Dance FoundationT-shirt

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